Who does Ref 74 impact exactly?

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When there’s a sensitive, politically-charged issue like gay marriage leave it to The Marty Riemer Show to deal with it in an inappropriate manner – using terms like “sausage fest” and “punani.” So long as we arrive at the correct conclusion at the end. And in this case there is only one conclusion – vote YEs on Ref 74.


Having just played a pro-Ref 74 benefit show last night, The Local Strangers stop by the podcast to drop off a copy and play two songs from their first full-length CD – “Left for Better.” A beautiful collection of songs underwritten by a successful Kickstarter campaign which sold lifetime memberships to the band’s fan club. As this is their third visit to the Podcast, it appears they have a lifetime access to the Moldy Basement.

Help The Local Strangers celebrate the release of their new disc on November 9, 2012, at the Columbia City Theater.

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