Dick Rossetti's new band The Jilli Rizzo

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Today we thank our lucky stars that Seattle never got the old space shuttle Endeavor that they’re dragging thru the streets of L.A. as we speak. Marty and Carter Subaru can only plant so many replacement trees to make up for the damage being done.

We reveal the true story behind what’s on Justin Bieber’s laptop stolen this week during his Tacoma Dome show.

And the one guy still willing to give Marty a good reference, Dick Rossetti returns with his new project The Jilli Rizzo, a band named after one of Frank Sinatra’s old Vegas cronies. Song 1 references a shuttlecock (look it up). Song 2 mentions the term hirsut (look it up … just not on Google images).

Check out The Jilli Rizzo’s new CD – which also sparked an interesting dicussion – “The Evolution of the Temple Garment.”

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