Our favorite comic and our returning champions Kris & Andrew

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A day after Marty’s debut appearance on New Day Northwest he still was glowing, despite the ample powdering that was intended to dim the shine off his dome. Hear Marty’s behind-the-scenes tales of local television at its best. (APPLAUSE!)

Joining us then a man with his share of experience on local (and national) television, comic Jake Johannsen. (APPLAUSE!!) Go see Jake this weekend at Laugh’s in Kirkland. (APPLAUSE!!)

Co-host Michael Stusser, in the midst of his social media-binge, gets some alarming reults from his physician on how it’s affecting him. (BOOO!!! APPLAUSE!!!)

Seattle’s omnipotent baritone Kris Orlowski and his violin-wielding sidekick Andrew Joslyn each make their 4th appearance on the podcast performing songs from their soon-to-be-released EP, and stealing one from The CUre. (APPLAUSE!!) Join Kris and Andrew and a 17-piece orchestra next Saturday, October 13th for a CD release celebration at the Triple Door.

And finally, the return of our segment “You are Special Too” brings personal trainer, and cancer research fundraiser Stacey Sorgan to the basement.

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