Veteran Comic and Charming Seattle Musician

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Every Friday, with the sun streaming in through our weeping, mildewy windows, we thank our lucky stars that we live in Seattle. But to have that feeling confirmed by a new Mark Knopfler song that we debut on the podcast, seems too much to hope for.

Our guest list today includes Robert Hawkins, who after cursory Google search turns out is either a mall shooter or a punch drunk heavyweight boxer. Damn you Google, a comedian showed up! Unarmed. Robert Hawkins, co-star of the Fox sitcom Titus, performs this weekend at Laugh’s in Kirkland.

Our next guest is a combo of John Mayer without the douche-factor and Jason Mraz without the whiteman rap, Tommy Simmons blows us away with two beautiful and emotionally charged tunes. Wouldn’t want to be his ex-girlfriend, though. Snap. See Tommy play at the Chinook Music Festival the weekend of September 21-23.

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