Nick Drummond and Tyler Carson from Impossible Bird

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Say goodbye to June, goodbye to plastic bags, goodbye to Marty’s 40’s. Though now he’s learned from his seperated-at-birth twin, Tom Cruise, the secret to eternal youth, and it’s not pretty.

A few hours before the ribbon cutting at Seattle’s Great Wheel, we learn that Yaz is a hater. Next week he’ll probably dump on unicorns and puppy dogs.

And finally the duo that Garrison Keillor called makers of “Brilliant Dionysian music,” to which we say WTF? Hopefully that means he likes it, because Impossible Bird is amazing! Two guys – one guitarist, one “horny” violin player (it’s not what you think) and some gifted songwriting. It makes for a combination that we like to call Dionyisian! See Impossible Bird on July 6, 2012, at the Q Cafe in Seattle.

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