Comic Tom Papa and Musical Guest Champagne Sunday

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We’re only doing today’s show because we weren’t smart enough to invest in Facebook. So, since we’re here, and still poverty-stricken, we’ll make the best of it. Yes, you read that right, BEST SHOW EVER!

Jerry Seinfeld’s best friend and last year’s Funny Festival headliner Tom Papa tears himself away from his beloved family to share stories of heartbreak and TV network rejection. Papa goes straight from the Moldy Basement to The Parlor in Bellevue for live shows tonight and tomorrow (May 18th & 19th).

Newlyweds Jessie & Jared Fredeen (a.k.a. Champagne Sunday) enroute from Ojai, CA to Port Townshend, WA, stop by the Podcast with two new songs off their CD “Heaven Knows.” (That’s the one with the bouncing goat on the cover). Leave a six pack on your deck and you might just attract Champagne Sunday to your basement too.

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