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It’s our last live show of the year and … and … and … it’s Marty’s Favorite Things Episode!!!  (Audience freaks out! Obviously.)  Marty bestows a cavalcade of gifts on his coworkers and guests today.  A plate of cookies for co-host Drew (OH MY GOD!!!!  Coookies!?!?  What the ….???).  The show’s affable engineer/producer Yaz, gets a do-it-yourself picnic kit — because let’s admit it assembling a picnic without the proper implements is a bitch.  And even our comic guests get one of Marty’s favorite things …

Comedians Dartanion London – one of the best two sentence writers (read: Twitterers) anywhere – and Adam Cozens – very funny NY City comic by night, a “manny” by day join the podcast today for a bit of year end frivolity.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!!

Adam Cozens, Marty, Dartanion London, and Drew Dundon