Bikini PODcast

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If the show goes to plan, the band Quickie, (High Dive, Seattle, WA, Saturday December 11, 2010) famous for their popular music video “Bikini Barista” and their record-setting 40-performances-in-one-day stunt will perform live.  After 40-shows in a day, one podcast should be cake.

But “going to plan” is a condition rarely experienced on the podcast, so instead the band shows up late, is forced to setup in the background while Marty and Michael update stories about poorly printed money, “crumple vs. fold” toilet paper usage and reflect on a conversation they had a few years ago with a classy Elizabeth Edwards.

Is the band ready yet?  No.  Well then, how about a round of Blatant Stereotyping with a doctor of suspicious credentials named Amp.

And then … and then … the band plays!

Quickie, Marty, and Michael Stusser