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Like a pepper spray blast in the face from a Black Friday-crazed shopper, today’s podcast will wake you up, make you cry tears (of joy), and make you wish you’d gotten a flat screen for $245. Making a special pseudo-holiday apearance on the podcast, the most popular podcaster in the world, comedian Marc Maron visits the Moldy Basement. In town for a show at Seattle’s Neptune Theater (Friday night, November 25th) Marc riffs on Seattle’s eternal road construction and the outdated stereotype of being vegan. Plus we answer the question: Is Maron Jewish or is he Hillbilly, because his family lives in Florida. Only two options.

Making his second appearance on the podcast, but this time with his full power trio in tow, Andrew Vait’s Eternal Fair plays some fantastic, big chunky tunes to wrap up our Thanksgiving weekend spectacular. You can see Eternal Fair this Sunday night, November 27 at Seattle’s Columbia City Theater.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTDHAY YAZ!! (now get back to work!!)

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