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Is it fair for of us to say, best show ever!  It’s all about who you associate with, really.  Comedian and actor Greg Fitzsimmons, who has a standing invite to appear on the podcast after his last visit six months ago, did not disappoint.  Having just last week released a funny, poignant memoir called “Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons: Tales of Redemption from an Irish Mailbox” Fitzsimmons talks about the memoir as the lowest form of writing, his tough Irish entertainer father, and a Danish mole he had sex with while touring Europe as a teen.

Plus, Jodi and Marty test out the new controller-less XBox system called Kinect.  A video game interface that actually requires physical exertion?  How can this possibly be successful in America?  Well, because it’s pretty darned cool, that’s how.  Even Yaz caught the bug, showing off his wicked dance moves on a new Kinect game called Dance Central.  Watch out ladies, Yaz is on the loose.

Marty, Jodi, and Greg Fitzsimmons

Ryan Moore (Xbox Kinect Guy), Marty, and Jodi