11-11-11 Time to get married!

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It’s the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year, and the Bible calls for us to podcast. Making her 11th appearance on the podcast – will this woman never learn – Camille Bloom steps up to celebrate the release of her fantastic 11th record (You hear that Seattle Weekly!!!) “Never Out of Time.” Fresh off a Western U.S. tour with stories to tell of awkward venues and even more awkward DJ interviewers (present company included).

We follow that up with a live performance from the Gig Harbor-based band Perry Acker (which one’s Perry? Don’t ask) who, by the way, forgot to bring their instruments. Luckily, the Moldy Basement is full of children’s toys, plastic recorders and triangle-bangers that Perry Acker turns into acoustic GOLD! The band plays the Tractor Tavern on November 18th – they may even bring instruments!

Now go hug a Veteran, people….

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