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School is out and Marty and Jodi do their utmost to tailor a PODcast specifically for the little buggers, and fail, about two minutes in.  But, their intentions are admirable as they welcome Seattle’s Kindiependent Tour 2010 to today’s program, a talented group of local musicians who have taken to playing really cool kids music at various venues around town (SCHEDULE HERE).

Chris Ballew as Caspar Babypants, Drew Holloway as Recess Monkey, and Johnny Bregar as Johnny Bregar, some of Seattle’s greatest kid’s music bands.  Actually they play music that parents appreciate as much as the young ‘uhns (check out the reaction of Marty’s family below), which explains their popularity, because the kids aren’t driving themselves to these concerts.

Kindiependent (Johnny Bregar, Casper Babypants and Recess Monkey), and Marty & Jodi