Michael Jackson

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Today Marty, Michael Stusser and guest comic Adam Cozens (in Seattle for the International Comedy Competition) make the announcement that the Podcast will be divesting itslf from corporate behomoth Bank of America, transferring its massive portfolio to a local credit union. All $32.65. Suck it BofA!

Also, Michael Jackson lives!! No, not really. He’s dead. But his music lives on in the new Cirque du Soleil show “The Immortal World Tour” coming to Key Arena, November 9th and 10th. Today we Skype with one of the show’s fabulous dancers, a graduate of the University of Washington Business School. Where Cirque gets most of its dancers, the ones that they don’t get from Forestry Resources.

Finally, our crew celebrates the successful landing of the first 15-month, $15-million Moscow-to-Moscow non-Mars mission. Six dudes – three named Alexi – all spent the last 15-months in a Moscow warehouse pretending to fly to Mars. Big deal. After 2 years and 315 episodes sealed in the Moldy Basement we’re halfway to Uranus. Hee hee, we said Uranus.

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