PODcast (Can you see Air Quotes?)

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It’s our special Election 2010 PODcast!  A sobering topic one day before we launch our 24 hour choco-binge at the Toblerone tent in Westlake Park (Friday, October 22nd, 9:30AM .. free stuff for you).

Joining us to talk about critical electoral issues, like candy and booze, is Diana Toledo, candidate for King County Council from the 8th District and Marty’s neighbor.

How does Marty play this one?  In the interest of neighborly accord does he nod politely and agree with everything the candidate says?  Or does he take his role as impartial journalist seriously (Ha!) and grill the aspiring politico to see if she cracks under pressure?  And what sort of obnoxious fart sounds will Jodi use to indicate she’s lost interest?

All that on our special ELECTION 2010 PODcast.

Marty, Diana Toledo, and Jodi