Fracking Good PODcast

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A show devoted entirely to Swiss chocolates, spaceships and actor Dirk Benedict.  Ooo, tell me more.
Brooks Peck, curator for the new Battlestar Galactica exhibit, which opens this weekend and will run 18 months at Seattle’s Sci-Fi Museum, joins us on the PODcast for a preview.

And don’t forget, we’re live from Downtown Seattle’s Westlake Park for our Toblerone-sponsored yodeling PODcast this Friday morning, 9:30AM PDT, October 22nd.  Free chocolate!!  Need we say more?

And for everyone of you who comes down, challenges and beats our eight-month preggo Jodi Brothers in a round of curling – the only sport her OB/GYN has cleared her to play (says something about the sport, no?) – we’ll donate $100 to Operation: Sack Lunch.  The largest provider of outdoor meals for the hungry and homeless in Seattle.

Brooks Peck from EMP/SFM, Marty and Jodi