Jodi's Son's Future Girlfriend PODcast

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As podcasting is on the cutting edge of media sometimes we are obligated to experiment.  Toss out the standard radio framework, and count on haphazardness and happenstance to deliver the goods.

Today’s show is a tanker truck full of haphazard.  A rebellious LA comic, Rick Shapiro from HBO’s Lucky Louie (Comedy Underground, October 15th & 16th) addresses the Pop Oracle, the Radio 8 Ball, with questions of deep significance related to Jodi’s son, porn stars, fur coats, and receiving life’s just reward.

Radio 8 Ball is an unconventional program developed by host Andras Jones, who moderates today’s podcast, that employs synchronicity and the lyrics of a randomly selected song to divine life’s mysteries.

Rick Shapiro, Marty, Jodi, and Andras Jones