PODcast from a Pharmacy

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Unlike yesterday, comedian Steven Wright (Seattle’s Moore Theater, October 20) was totally ready for our live call today. Being in the midst of soap and shaving supply run at the local drug emporium screams that you’re focused and ready for the podcast.

You’ll be happy to know that Steven is as random in our live interview as you would expect from his legendary stand-up comedy persona.

We cap the show with a live performance from a new live band that Jodi spotted playing a sold out Crocodile Cafe show a few weeks ago.  Hot Bodies in Motion is a creative Seattle four-piece band that, as one reviewer pointed out, will have you moving in snake / sexual rhythms.  And if not the audience than the dancers who opened their recent Crocodile Show – check out the video HERE.

Finally, we’re happy to announce that you can now listen to The Marty Riemer Show podcast on your smart phone (Blackberry, iPhone or Android) using Stitcher, a free app available HERE.  Anything that makes our pretend radio show more convenient to listen to, brings us closer to podcast Nirvana!

Hot Bodies in Motion and Marty & "Hot Body" Jodi.