Too Many Guests to Handle PODcast

Due to technical difficulties on Ustream side, there is no recorded today’s show.  Sorry.

It’s just one of those days.  Our day began with a phone call from our musical guest, Anne McCue (High Dive in Fremont, October 13).  She’s an amazing Australian guitarist by way of Nashville, who was booked to play the PODcast 10 minutes hence.  She was calling from Portland, three hours away barring traffic (in other words, five hours away), because of all the people aware of her appearance on the show today, Anne McCue wasn’t one of them.

No sweat, as we’ve also got comic legend Steven Wright booked on the show today (Moore Theater, October 20).  Steven’s humor will easily make up for any shortcomings … what’s that?  Steven has postponed until tomorrow.  Oh dear.

But we do have good news:  The Marty Riemer Show podcast has received it’s first paying gig!  A live podcast to promote Toblerone chocolates at Westlake Park, Friday October 22nd.  Did you hear that?  A paying gig!!  We’re in the money!!

OK, not exactly.  Thanks to Marty’s shrewd negotiating – and benevolent soul – the pay isn’t exactly coming to us, it’s being redirected to a charity of our choosing (Operation: Sack Lunch).  But we will be holding the cash in our hands for a few minutes, at least.

Just one of those days.