The one where Aisha Tyler shows up

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Surprise! Sometimes the craziest s%$t happens in the Moldy Basement. Call it lack of planning, blame it on bad interns, but our hosts are often as surprised by the guests that arrive as our audience.

After a lovely recap of LeRoy Bell’s powerful, though geriatric, rise on the X Factor, and a major unveiling by SIFF’s Artistic Director Carl Spence, we await the arrival of standup comedian Todd Barry.

But wait, do you remember Todd Barry being an articulate and gorgeous 6-foot black woman? What just happened? Why is actress Aisha Tyler (Friends, Talk Soup, Archer) standing in our basement pretending to be Todd Barry? Who cares? When Aisha Tyler shows up at your house you make room.

Aisha Tyler performs this weekend at Laughs in Kirkland, Friday and Saturday, October 7th & 8th.

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