Icelandic (could be Danish) PODcast

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Getting out the vote, that’s our mission today!  Oh don’t worry, it’s not the vote that might improve our Republic.  No, today’s show is hell bent on sending singer Kristen Ward and her band to Iceland for the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival.  And your vote is needed.

Each band that plays Ballard’s Reverb Fest this Saturday – including Kristen Ward and Co. – is automatically enrolled in a contest that would send them to Iceland.  Today (2010/10/04)  is the last day to vote for Kristen (hint hint) or any other act from the Reverb Fest.

This gives us an excuse to learn a bit about Iceland on the podcast and their language (actually we’re not quite clear if it’s Danish or Icelandic), their economics (they were the first to employ the “Oh crap, we’re all screwed” financial model), and their love of dwarves and elves.

Gary, Nate, Marty, Jodi, and Kristen Ward