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Today’s show begins on a sobering note as we memorialize the passing of two talented entertainers that we were fortunate enough to have hosted on our show in the past – one of them, many times.  Tony Curtis and the whip smart comic Greg Giraldo.

Also, we’ve been in Afghanistan for nearly 10 years and we wonder what it’s really like on the ground there.  Ben Webb is a Marty Riemer Show listener just back from Qandahar where’s he’s been living, working, sleeping for the past 18 months as an employee of General Dynamics.  Today, Ben shares with us the real private-contrator-stationed-in-Afghanistan story.

Chris Mays, Marty, Jodi, and Ben Webb

Finally, our own private contractor music director Chris Mays joins us to throw out a few new recordings that we should be on, like the new Ben Harper-Joseph Arthur-Dgani Harrison collaboration Fistful of Mercy.  Or the new CD from Tired Pony, another collaboration with members from Snow Patrol and REM.

These are our Music Director, Chris Mays’ music picks

The Place We Ran From / Tired Pony


As I Call You Down / Fistful of Mercy