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Having missed last Friday’s podcast, we thought we’d throw out a little bonus material: A conversation with comic legend Lily Tomlin.

Ms. Tomlin – don’t call her that, we discovered – kicks off the 2011-12 season at the Edmonds Center for the Arts this Saturday, October 1, 2011.

With four primetime Emmys, two Tonys, a Grammy award and an Oscar nomination, Tomlin is one of the most recognized women in show business. Not to mention one statuette away from a cataclysmic trophy-shelf collapse.

Our lively conversation with Ms. Tomlin (stop calling her that!) ranges from the last time she had “nerves” on stage to the last really pedestrian activity she took part in. Does she have any plans to get married? And should we team up to buy cheap real estate in her old hometown?

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