"I'm not gonna tell ya"

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Today’s podcast asks the uncharacteristically deep question “What is happiness?”  Is it money, music, laughter?

We explore all those options beginning with a new university study that claims that money DOES buy happiness … to a point.  That is, after a certain income level, more money doesn’t contribute to your mental well-being and might make things worse.  And what’s weird is that magical amount doesn’t vary from person to person.  So we ask ourselves, what should that number be and how does it compare with the researcher’s results?

Or perhaps money isn’t the answer at all. it’s laughter and music, especially music with unveiled references to weed.  For that we introduce a fun duo from Portland called Skyhouse whose song “Mary Wanna” just won Best Rock/Pop Song at the 2010 Marijuana Music Awards.  We were gonna go this year, but we forgot.  Booyah!

Skyhouse and Marty & Jodi