Alpha Rev and real crime stories with Jackie Kashian

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Today, from the worst dressed capitol of the world (well, OK, Orlando is worse, but that’s little consolation), comes the intriguing (and perhaps revolting) tale of Marty’s past connection with an alleged criminal figure.

But before that, we bring you Austin’s Alpha Rev. Two years ago they swept the country with their hit “New Morning” (which they perform this morning in the basement). About to release their follow-up CD “City Farm,” band founder Casey McPherson talks about going guerilla by not only firing their tour manager but their record label as well.

Finally comedian Jackie Kashian, queen of the Dork Forest, her own popular podcast, performs this weekend at Laughs in Kirkland, Fri & Sat, September 16-17, 2011.  Not to be outdone, she imparts her own quaint story about criminal connections, poisons and death. Oh lovely.