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Today, modern technology did not fail us (yeah, I’m looking at you, Monday!) and the PODcast went off without a hitch. Unless you count someone in Marty’s Hawaiian condo complex banging on his window to get Marty to stop playing Legend of Zelda (skype) so loud outside his unit as a “hitch”.

Listen with your usual intensity and focus while Marty and I discuss Germanic ballet slippers, large natural blowholes, and the large amount of wild asses running around Maui.

Also on the PODcast today, our music director, Chris Mays, offers up some new tunes, and the whole lot of us try to figure out which state in the union Hawaii is. Unsuccessfully. Aloha!

These are our Music Director, Chris Mays’ music picks

You Are Not Alone / Mavis Staples


Fields / Junip