PODcast from a room 209

Watch the WEBcast

Aloha!  It’s our first big trans-Pacific Skyped PODcast/WEBcast!

Thanks to Yaz’s innate Japanese technical sensibilities and Marty’s fearlessness in the face of a hotel bedbug epidemic, our PODcast/WEBcast this morning comes to you in part from Kuhanhala Palapoopoo Resort (made up name) Room 209 (actual room number) on the island of Maui.

According to Marty, vacation is twice as sweet when you see first-hand the envy in the eyes of those that are left behind (here’s lookin’ at you Jodi).

Still, it’s not all Mai Tai’s and oily massages for Marty (ick!) as his family draws the short stick and gets assigned the one room in the enormous resort complex that Trip Advisor says to avoid at all costs.  Room 209!  The warnings smack of The Shining.

Plus, Marty’s four-month-old son doesn’t sleep, so they play the “wave” radio at full volume – which his wife packed in one of their 12 bags – even though actual waves are but 30 yards from their balcony.

Listen to today’s PODcast and you may find that those that were left behind are better off.