"Jason's size Turkey."

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Today, very little serious business gets conducted on the podcast.  And we know you come to us for serious discourse.  Sorry, not happening today.

Look, ever since her first visit a couple months ago, we’ve been giddy about singer-songwriter Tracy Bonham.  It helps that she’s put out an excellent new CD – Masts of Manhatta.  Today, Tracy and her guitarist, Jason Roberts, rock a couple songs off the new disc, even enlisting Jodi on shaker, after Marty and Yaz are determined to be rhythm-free zones.

Marty, Tracy Bonham, Jason Roberts, and Jodi

Tracy also straps on her cable technician repair belt and helps us test out our trans-Pacific PODcast/WEBcast setup (for tomorrow’s show live from Maui) by going to Marty’s backyard swing-set for a sound check.  Result:  trans-Pacific podcast setup needs some work.  Well, we’ve still got 24 hours.