Chewelah is not a deep-fried Mexican food

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Today the Marty Riemer show podcast takes a trip thru small town America.  But instead of leaving the safe confines of the moldy basement and experiencing the mean streets of the rural countryside first-hand, we summon small town America to us.

Meet the lovable Allen Stone, a preacher’s son from Chewelah, WA, in town for a Crocodile Cafe show, Friday, September 10.  Listen to his podcast performances and you’ll wonder, how does a singer-songwriter from a one-stoplight farming town an hour north of Spokane develop a sound that smacks of 1960’s Detroit soul?  Has that kid been sneaking Stevie Wonder records into his bedroom again?  Hell fire!

Allen Stone, Marty, and Jodi

Tomorrow, Tracy Bonham live in the basement.  And we test drive our Skype setup for our first trans-Pacific PODcast/WEBcast on Friday (Marty’s on Maui … yay for Marty).