Frosted Tipped Douche

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It’s a beautiful day at Bumbershoot and Marty &  Jodi offer highlights from their first full day at the Festival, including Jodi’s first ever Bob Dylan show and Marty’s sense of awe in watching the deaf translator trying to interpret the rock poet’s unintelligible lyrics.

Marty visits Jonathan Brilliant’s enormous sculpture made  of nothing but coffee stir sticks and held together by tension – no glue!

And finally, watch and/or listen to our dynamic duo tread water as on Day #2 of their Bumbershoot podcasts their comedian guest, Greg Behrendt, arrives a few minutes late.  Hey, it’s a freewheelin’ festival and schedules are for nerds.

But once Behrendt arrives the sparks really fly, like when Greg reads a review of his Day 1 show in The Stranger where he’s referred to as a “Frosted Tipped Douche.”  Bumbershoot magic.