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A crazy-ass podcast today, and on the surface it seemed so tame.

I mean, what could go wrong when you invite a guy on who has vowed not to send a single dollar to the oil companies.  Matt Moreno has plastered his roof with enough solar panels to cover his energy needs and then some.  Heck, the power company pays HIM for power now.  Marty and Matt geek out over their solar systems.

Today also marks the return of our feature, “YOU ARE SPECIAL TOO,” where we invite a podcast listener on the show and find out what makes them unique.  Marjie Bowker is in the spotlight.  A Seattle teacher who moved to Vietnam for two years, stopped washing her own hair (you pay people to do that for you), bought a scooter and became a regular international listener of the podcast.

All that, plus Blatant stereotyping hijynx on the podcast today

Matt Moreno (The Solar Panel Guy), Marjie Bowker (You are special, too) and Marty & Jodi