From Patsy to Politics

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From Patsy to politics, today’s show pays its respects to country legend Patsy Cline, who would have turned 79 next Thursday, and tackles some local issues with a first-time Seattle City Council candidate.

Less than a week before Seattle’s annual Patsy Cline tribute concert (Sweet Dreams: The Music of Patsy Cline, September 8, 2011 at the Neptune Theater), three of this year’s star performers – Victoria Contreras, Kato Moody, and Jeff Fielder – gives us a stunning live preview of the show’s music.

Singers Victoria Contreras and Kato Moody with guitarist Jeff Fielder

And less than seven weeks before ballots begin arriving in the mail, we offer a fresh perspective on how Seattle might reclaim its most livable city status. Despite Brad Meacham’s dubious choice to come on the podcast – and his equally questionable decision to run for public office in the first place (anyone willing to subject themselves to such a thankless job is in our impression a little crazy) – he brings good energy and well-reasoned ideas to the party as a Seattle City Council candidate.