"Where's Yaz?" "He is in the chatroom."

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Our two-day celebration of our 100th episode behind us, we can now focus on the next big entry on our calendar – B U M B E R S H O O T!

Our final pre-festival guest joins us on the podcast today – Brian Vogan and his Good Buddies (Northwest Court Stage, Monday, September 6th, 1PM) .

A wonderfully talented Seattle musician and music instructor, Brian Vogan plays that cool type of cross-generational kids music that kids on the playground are always talking about when they’re talking about cool cross-generational music.  Which is a lot of the time.  Crazy kids.

Brian Vogan and his Good (and blurry) Buddies. L to R: Ben Baier (bass), Brian Vogan, Marty, Barrett Jones (electric guitar, producer), Jodi.

The Marty Riemer Show podcast will be at Bumbershoot all weekend capturing highlights for you and also doing a live WEB/PODcast everyday from the Seattle Center grounds.