Good CRAP-py show

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It’s quite frequently said – we assume in a loving way – that Marty and Jodi don’t know s&#%!!!  (But really does it warrant three exclamations?)

Turns out to be true, they don’t know S%$&, for when the Prince of Poop – Dan Corum, manager of the Woodland Park Zoo‘s Zoo Doo program – stopped by today for a show-and-tell quiz of different types of zoo animal scat it left Jodi and Marty stupified.  Who know giraffe crap looks like delicious chocolate malted milk balls.

Dan also explains the ferocious passion that Seattleites feel for composted zoo feces.  Seriously, to even be given the opportunity to buy this stuff you have to enter a lottery – details HERE.

It takes a brave man to follow our dung discussion, but Mt. Vernon musician, clothing designer, philanthropist and carpenter (did we really just book Jesus after the poop doc?) Levi Ware rises to the task.  Levi’s in a heated Battle of the Bands competition and would appreciate your last minute support.  In addition, Levi designs some beautiful clothing to benefit Ugandan orphans.  That’s Marty’s daughter sporting some of Levi’s threads.

Dan Corum a.k.a. Dr. Doo, Marty, Jodi, and Levi Ware

Josie wares a shirt designed by Levi Ware

Not to be too bossy, but when you’re done scooping poop, voting for Levi Ware’s music, and supporting Ugandan orphans with your clothes purchases, we’d like to ask you to Join Marty and Jodi next Wednesday, September 1st, 4:30-6:30 at the Teatro Zinzanni tent to celebrate Bumbershoot’s 40th birthday.  It’s a free, family friendly event with cupcakes and ice cream, and the cost of admission is just a birthday hat of your own design.  Design a hat, wear it to the party and you’re in.  DETAILS HERE.