"Selling Maxi-Pads"

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Jamaican music seems to appeal to all ages, all cultures.

WE feel the same way about Bellingham music.

Combine the two, and woah!  Get ready to breakdown all musical barriers.

Yogoman Burning Band, a Bellingham foursome, fuses ska, funk and reggae into the most danceable sound.  Really, you’ll dance.

Plus, in preparation for our 100th PODcast, which we will be “airing” next week on Tuesday and Thursday – in two parts – Yaz quizzes Marty and Jodi on how well they know their own show.  Turns out, Jodi knows it very well and her partner is unfamiliar with this Marty Riemer character and his silly show.

Yogoman Burning Band, Yaz, and Marty & Jodi