"Now American barely can say categories"

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On days without in-studio guests we can play a little looser, let the show wander, not wear pants.

So, with pants doffed, Marty an Jodi take a live call from the auctioneer behind the LOST memorabilia auction taking place this weekend in Santa Monica, where EVERYTHING must go – Dharma Initiative jumpsuits, Hurley’s Camaro, Locke’s wheelchair.  But where do the proceeds go?  We ask, but are suspicious of the answer.

In addition, we offer a money saving travel opportunity – Jet Blue’s All You Can Jet Pass.  Or is unlimited flying for a month, a form of torture?  Like, unlimited tooth drilling for a month.

We ask our producer Yaz, how Japan won Newsweek’s Best Country for Healthcare rankings?  And we answer the question how China gets ‘er done.  Hint:  It’s with sharp pokey things.