Marty Naked Details inside.

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The School of Rock is a national program that takes young (8-18 years of age) aspiring musicians, teams them with professional artists for weekly private lessons, organizes group rehearsals, and finally – if all goes well, and dreams are answered – dumps them in a West Seattle basement for a podcast with a couple of fired radio DJ’s.

Well, God was listening to the wishes of six youngsters this morning.  Well, five, the sixth was, according to his t-shirt, wishing for “titties and beer.”

Listen to the School of Rock all Stars – the cream of the crop from the School of Rock program – perform two songs before taking the stage at Bumbershoot in a few weeks (Bumbershoot, Sunday, September 5, 2010, Sky Church).

School of Rock All Stars, Kris K, and Marty & Jodi