Growing dreads and brewing beer

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Four days before next Tuesday’s election and Marty makes his radical case for supporting the downtown Seattle tunnel project that seems to be collapsing like the viaduct after an 8.9 quake. He wants us to be more like Canada.

Then, a live performance, that like a deep-bore tunnel, finds its way deep into your soul from Seattle (by way of Centralia) singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen. We get two beautiful songs from Noah’s new CD “Family,” and as an awkward bonus (thanks Marty) we uncover a trade secret on how to grow some gnarly dreads.

Finally, Dan Lee is a guy who’s living our dream better then we ever could. And to think it’s OUR dream. During the 2008 economic meltdown, Dan lost his cush corporate gig selling Sonicare tooth brushes, but instead of collapsing into a flouride-induced coma, he launched his own craft brewery: Odin Brewing Company. Built from scratch, Odin now brews three delicious beers in their South Park facility complete with a bottling line like on Laverne and Shirley. Just owning a bottling machine spells success to us!

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