"It could be MS"

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You should probably know that in the podcasting world when you have a comic book curator on with a newly-discovered singer-songwriter from Bellingham, along with the Governor, well, that is what’s humbly known as a podcast trifecta.

Larry Reid (Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery) is curator of the Counterculture Comix exhibit coming to Bumbershoot, a 30-year survey of Seattle alternative cartoonists.  It turns out, Seattle has played a defining role in creating that whole comic genre.

Larry Reid

Kris Orlowski is a singer-songwriter that Marty discovered playing the Five Angels Benefit concert last night.  He reminds us of Jason Mraz – and apparently Mr. Mraz is a fan of Kris’s.

Marty, Kris Orlowski, and Jodi

And, it’s our long-awaited reunion with Governor Chris Gregoire.  A regular guest in our previous lives as radio people, we had lost contact with our state’s chief executive.  That is, until Jodi accosted her at a Seattle Storm game and invited her on the podcast.  Time to tighten the governor’s security detail.