A show with 5 octaves and 85 tangents

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We’ll say it because you’re thinking it – sometimes our shows go off the rails.  But those are our favorites.

And our favorite guests are the ones who can track the seemingly random trajectories. Notice, we say “seemingly,” so as to give you the impression that there really is a method to our madness.

As for our guests today, the duo of Cilette Swann and Roman Morykit that make up Gypsy Soul (Triple Door, Sunday, August 8), they tracked us like a sniper with a night scope – which is an awfully militaristic metaphor for a pair of spiritual, loving artists from Southern Oregon, then again the Blue Angels were blazing overhead during their performance so maybe that’s where it comes from.

Marty, Roman Morykit, Cilette Swann from Gypsy Soul, and Jodi

But they did, they completely kept up, whether the subject was their complex personal/professional relationship (still married, touring and living together, but technically separated), or Marty’s bad decision not to tell his friend that she’s being cheated on, or Katie Couric’s Sarah Palin outtake.

Wow, when we write it down like that it does seem random. But we encourage you to come along for the ride!