Rock' n Roll Jersey vs. Seattle

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The Bouncing Souls is one of those bands that make New Jersey proud.  Last year they celebrated their 20th year together this year they play Bumbershoot, for the second time.  They join us this morning on the podcast from their homebase in Asbury Park.  You can catch the full interview HERE.

And since The Bouncing Souls weren’t inclined to play over the phone, we had to have another band in live.  We Wrote the Book on Connectors, The Band of the Future, claim to have been together for 21 years.  That’s huge.  And they lie.  But they’re a fun group, set to play the Skylark in West Seattle on Saturday, August 7th.

We Wrote the Book on Connectors and Marty & Jodi

In between The Bouncing Souls and Books on Connectors, Jodi revels in a modified campaign sign sent in by a podcast listener for her favorite candidate for US Senate (not based on his policies, but his easy-to-mock name), Clint Didier.