The Marty Riemer Show Backyard Hootenanny

By all measures the first The Marty Riemer Show Hootenanny was a raging success.  The artists were magnificent, the food from the soon-to-open West Seattle Wing Dome fantastic, the police and/or Marty’s overactive Block Watch didn’t interfere, and the crowd was jubilant. (Click photo below for more images courtesy Johnny Miller)

Hootenanny 2010:  LeRoy Bell, Thomas Starks, Kristen Ward, Marty Riemer, Jodi Brothers, Camille Bloom and Daniel Kamas

That’s how we judged the party, but you can decide for yourself.  A complete, unedited recoding of the entire Hootenanny divided into performances by Thomas Starks, Daniel Kamas, Ian McFeron, LeRoy Bell, Camille Bloom and Kristen Ward (in that order) is available RIGHT HERE.

In addition to the artists, we would like to thank the West Seattle Wing Dome, 96.5 JACK-FM, Honey Buckets, Terry Morgan Sound, Simone Bouterse, Sarah Liberator, Amy Cronin, Eryn Pate, Mark Goodnow, Johnny Miller and you.

Wait, what did you do again?

Watch the WEBcast Hootenanny Part 1 Thomas Starks
Watch the WEBcast Hootenanny Part 2 Daniel Kamas
Watch the WEBcast Hootenanny Part 3 LeRoy Bell
Watch the WEBcast Hootenanny Part 4 Camille Bloom
Watch the WEBcast Hootenanny Part 5 Kristen Ward