Pete Carrol in whose nest? Our nest!

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Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll is in our nest today.  Whose nest!?  Our nest!!

It’s an interview that goes awry at the start when Marty asks Coach Carroll about the severe sanctions leveled against his previous employer, USC.  The connection gets rudely cut off by an anonymous “handler.”

Surprisingly, though, Carroll calls back on his own to boh apologize and answer all questions.  It’s an interesting interaction.

In addition, Molly Lannon Kenny joins us.  She’s founder of the Samarya Yoga Center, sponsors of the Third Annual Sun Sal-U-Thon, being held Saturday, July 24th, at Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park.  It’s a benefit for the northwest’s only non-profit yoga studio.

Marty, Pete Carrol on a computer screen, Molly Lannon Kenny, & Jodi