WWJD - What Would Jimi Do?

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We ask, how cool would it be to have a likeness of Jimi Hendrix on your official company business card?

Carl Hehemann (pronounced hee-man), CEO of the Jimi Hendrix Foundation, has just such a calling card.  We’re jealous.

Carl joins the PODcast today to talk about the good work that the Jimi Hendrix Foundation does in music education, band support, and stem cell research? Woah, wait, stem cell research?!  Really?  True.

Marty, Jodi, & Carl Hehemann from Jimi Hendrix Foundation

In addition, we surprise a former colleague with a call to wish her happy birthday … and it’s not her birthday.  Imagine her surprise.

Tomorrow on the podcast we talk to new Seahawk Coach Pete Carroll and get hung up on.  Things are going swimingly at the podcast.