Marty's own Wedding Singer back for encore

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Packed house today – well, the basement part of the house at least.

First, our old friend, singer-songwriter Ian McFeron comes aboard to reminisce about Marty’s wedding that he played at nearly five years ago to the day.   Ian plays a free Out To Lunch concert this Wednesday, July 21st, at Occidental Park in Pioneer Square.  Not as romantic as Marty’s wedding, but a better clientele in Pioneer Square.

Then, former Marty Riemer Show intern, Alex Meyer, stops by the podcast to tell us he’s decided to pursue comedy full time.  We couldn’t prouder.  Although isn’t there an easier gig?  Something you can do from your basement, where you never have to leave your home?

Alex and fellow comic Dartanion London are starring in a comedy show at the Comedy Underground, Tuesday, July 20th, to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.

Jodi, Alisa Milner, Ian McFeron, Marty, Dortanion London, & Alex Meyer