Filling Tracy Bonham's prescription

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Former podcast special guest, Tracy Bonham, joins us live from the Tonight Show Green Room prior to her taping there tonight.

Oh wait, that was how it was supposed to go down, if Jodi knew the difference between Eastern and Western time zones.

Instead we accosted Tracy three hours early as she was getting her Ambien prescription filled at Walgreens in LA.

Walgreen’s Pharmacy vs. Tonight Show Green Room.  You decide which makes for better podcast ambiance.

Jodi, Tracy and Marty

Also today, the South Seattle-based “vintage indie, symphonic pop band,” Let’s Get Lost jumps into the podcast fray.  Armed with loads of charm and a new CD titled “Rotten Apples,” Let’s Get Lost brought the indie but left behind the symphonic for a live performance from the basement.

Jodi, Marty and Let's Get Lost