It's on! The 2010 Backyard Hootenanny

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What?  You say you want details about the first Marty Riemer Show listener appreciation party (officially titled the “Backyard Hootenanny”)?  You’d like an invite?

Our podcast today spilled all the details – date, time and line up for the Hootenanny.  Plus we made vague references to a website where you can sign up for a free invitation.

SIGN UP HERE.  And then we’ll see you on July 28th!!

Also on today’s show, you know how we feel about bands that sport a fiddle and/or a pedal steel guitar.  They blow our collective minds.

Joining us on the podcast today, the band Westerly.   Drums, two guitars, one bass, some beautiful harmonies, and … and, yes, a pedal steel!   Yesss!

The band Westerly blocking Marty's camera time.

You can see Westerly live this weekend, Friday, July 9th, at the Conor Byrne Pub in Ballard and for free in Kingston on Saturday, July 10th.