From Ron Reagan's memories, to Francine Reed's sultry blues

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Two stellar guests on Episode #60 of the PODcast, and an incongruous pairing at that.

Political commentator, broadcaster and author Ron Reagan (Don’t call him Junior! Who knew?) stops by the show to talk up a new memoir he’s writing to coincide with what would have been his father’s, Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday, February 6, 2011.

Plus, blues great Francine Reed, best known for her “foreground”  singing duties (Don’t call her a backup singer!  Who knew?) with Lyle Lovett’s Large Band , and is now starring as the Chanteuse in the latest production of Teatro Zinzanni, joins the PODcast for one sultry, early morning a cappella number.

Marty, Ron Reagan, Francine Reed and Jodi's fill-in, Tina Nole