Handful of Luvin' brings a podcast full of jams

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The podcast signs on today a mere moments after the U.S. scored it’s last minute (actually past the last minute) First Round World Cup win over Algeria (where the hell is Algeria exactly?) in the 91st minute of play.  That win advances them  to second round action.  So, obviously there was some good energy in the room.

And thankfully, the Seattle-based band Handful of Luvin’ stepped in to clear the buzz of those obnoxious vuvuzelas out of our heads.

Warming up for their Tractor Tavern show this Saturday, June 26, and their appearance at the Taste of Tacoma on Sunday, June 27, the four-piece Handful of Luvin’ performed two songs in the basement off their new CD – “Life in Between.”

Marty, Patrick Files (bass), Andrew Joslyn (violin), David John (guitar/vocals), Michael Knight (drums)

Handful's Andrew Joslyn gettin plugged in for the the podcast.

Handful of Luvin' performing live.

Handful drummer Michael Knight

Handful bassist Patrick Files