Tina Nole fills in for Jodi. Music suggestions from Chris Mays - without Chris

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While Jodi sits cramped on a Singapore Airlines 747 for 36 hours to Bali, her replacement steps up to the PODcast microphone.

Tina Nole is a behind-the-scenes radio veteran, having worked as an editor/producer at CBS Radio and most recently Air America in New York City.  Currently she’s the afternoon editor at KOMO News Radio in Seattle.

This week she’s front and center providing pithy insights into the topics of the day.

Topics like:

  • What was Michael Jackson’s income in the year since his death (the anniversary is this Friday).
  • What’s the most insensitive leisure time pursuit BP’s CEO Tony Hayward could undertake these days?
  • And what Father’s Day gift did Marty receive from his wife this weekend that left him deflated?

These questions and more are answered on today’s PODcast!

Tina Nole, Marty and Yaz

Yaz insists close his eyes.

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