Seattle legend Carrie Akre

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Seattle rock star Carrie Akre (Hammerbox and Goodness) joins the podcast today to (a) pitch the Experience Music Project’s Summer music camps; (b) recall the truly grungy side of Seattle’s grunge music scene – the nasty business side; (c) perform live; or (d) all of the above. Go with (d)!

Marty, Carrie Akre, and Jodi

Also, our Blatant Stereotyping correspondent Brian Muchinsky returns from his visit with the ladies of Kent Station who stood in line for hours to audition for the next season of The Bachelor.

Oh, and for those that listen to the audio-only podcast and feel left out of our discussion of the caricature of Marty’s daughter that he had done at his Father-Daughter Dance this weekend, here it is.  Marty’s three-year-old daughter was apparently separated at birth from Diane Sawyer.

Marty's dauther, Josie